What's the deal with the 25,000 free push credits?

For the first app you add to your Push IO account, you can try Push IO for free.

How does it work? Just add your first app after you've created your account, and Push IO will allocate 25,000 free push credits to the application.

About the free trial push credits:

  • You only receive 25,000 free push credits for the first app you add to your account.

  • Like fully paid push credits, the free trial push credits are non-transferable to other accounts or other apps within your Push IO account.

  • Push IO will provide full reporting and analytics on the free trial push credits just as with any fully paid push credits.

  • There is no financial obligation stemming from the use of the free trial push credits - it's a risk-free, no-hassle trial!

  • There is no contractual obligation that comes along with the trial push credits outside of the implied guidelines put forth for the proper use of push notifications in the Apple Agreement.

Once the 25,000 free trial push credits are gone, you can purchase more by logging in to your Push IO account and clicking the "Buy Pushes for" link next to the name of the app for which you would like to buy push credits.