How do I find the information and files I need to add an app to my Push IO account?

So, you've created a Push IO account. What's next?

Now, it's time to add the first TapLynx application to your account that you would like to add Push IO service to.

First, click the "Add App" link on the initial screen after you first log in to your new account.

On the ensuing screen, first enter a name for the app in the "Name" field that you will use to identify this app from others you might add to this account. This can be anything, but typically it is simply the name of the app. It is important that the app name does not contain any spaces or special characters. Stick to alphabet letters only.

In the next field, "Bundle," type in the app's Apple Bundle ID or copy/paste it in from your account access in the iPhone Developer Provisioning Portal. It is crucial that this Bundle ID not contain wildcard characters like asterisks (*). Apps with Bundle ID's containing these wildcard characters cannot add Apple Push Notification Service.
It is also very important that this Bundle ID be the same Bundle ID that you created in the iPhone Developer Provisioning Portal.

The next two fields give you options to upload your app's NGConfig.plist file. The first ("URL") allows you to upload the file from a location on the web, and the second ("Private") allows you to upload the file from your local computer. The NGConfig.plist file will always be located in the XCode Project file given to you by the TapLynx team. You can simply use your computer's Finder to locate the XCode Project folder, and the NGConfig.plist file should be located in this folder.

The final item requested on this screen ("Push cert...") is your app's Apple Push Notification SSL Certificate. If you need help obtaining this, visit the support instructions for Getting and Managing Your App's Push Notification SSL Certificate. You will want to make sure that you are uploading a production cert (not a development cert).

Once we have all of these items, we'll be able to generate your app's Push IO API Key. We'll notify you when it is ready and tell you how you can insert it into your app.