What do I need to do to set up my TapLynx application to send Push IO push notifications?

What an excellent question.

There are five steps to complete that will add Push IO push notification capability to your TapLynx app, and here they are:

  1. Create a Push IO account.

  2. Upload your app's information to Push IO.

  3. Insert your Push IO API Key into the app.

  4. Build and test your push-enabled app.

  5. Send the app in for approval and enjoy 25,000 free pushes!

If you've completed one or more of these steps, click the next one in the process and Tender will whisk you away to precise instructions on how to continue! If you need further assistance, there are people whose only job it is to make sure you get Push IO working. Email support@push.io to speak with one.

Oh, and thanks for adding Push IO!